Portraits at Back of Beyond Equine Centre

A Unique Opportunity with Back of Beyond

In addition to Standard portrait sessions, FPS is excited to be partnering with Back of Beyond Equine Centre to offer portrait sessions at the farm and with horses.

Bill and Cathy provide a selection of services including sleigh and wagon rides, day camps for children and equine-assisted therapy and learning. Many of their horses are rescue horses, coming from difficult circumstances and in need of a loving home. Nurturing and training these horses brings them to life on the farm in a safe and loving home.

Equine Photoshoots

Take home a unique memory with a portrait session with one of Back of Beyond's special horses. This 45-minute session includes 30 minutes with a horse and handler from Back of Beyond.

Combine this with a grooming session or wagon/sleigh ride (booked separately with Back of Beyond) or book on its own.

Family Sessions

Make a day of the farm and take the opportunity to use its beautiful Muskoka setting for family portraits. Back of Beyond has a mixture of Boreal forest, fields and paddocks, and a straw bale barn with huge bales that make great settings for portraits.