Announcement: A Perilous Watch in Proofing stage

Writing this next book in the Modis series has been a challenge. As a man, it is difficult for me to get inside the head of a teenage girl in order to write a compelling protagonist.

A Perilous Watch tells the story of Lucy, a young orphan who has promised to watch over her older brother - a shy and moody boy with a special gift of which he is completely oblivious. When he runs off into the night, Lucy must pursue him and confront secrets from their past in a skyfaring adventure where she learns the value of friendship and kinship in the face of trouble.

The artist that did my original concept work for The Modis, is back on board, concepting a new location and character. Each of the three novels I have in mind are parallel stories, complete on their own, but enhanced by reading them all. I hope to enrich people's understanding of the world that Jacob and his family experience from different perspectives that tell their own story in their own right. Subsequently, if you've read the Modis, A Perilous Watch will shake up almost everything you thought you knew, or if you read them in the reverse order you will find deliberate inconsistencies simply because people remember things differently from their own perspective, and know different things about the same events or people. You may think you know the ending, but do you really? Here is a sketch from the process for The Rembrandt Fantastic - a hub of scum and villainy.